General Rebate Questions

Can I apply for a rebate if I do not have a Nicor Gas account number?

Nicor Gas rebates are only available to active Nicor Gas customers within our service area. Your account number is required to receive a rebate, which can be found on your Nicor Gas bill, or by calling 888.642.6748 for assistance. If you are a new Nicor Gas customer and do not have your account number yet, you may still be eligible for select rebates.

What improvements and equipment are eligible for a rebate?

Each rebate application has a summary of qualifying energy efficiency upgrades available, as well as current rebate levels. Review the PDFs on the Current Offers page.

What do I need to mail with my rebate application?

Be sure to read the rebate application carefully to determine what you will need to submit for approval. Rebate applications generally require these materials:

  1. A completed rebate application or confirmation page (when applying online).
  2. A receipt or invoice that includes all applicable information regarding the installation and/or purchase of the qualifying equipment.

However, each rebate application is different, so please review carefully to ensure you provide all the necessary material in order to receive your appropriate rebate quickly

How long does it take to process a rebate?

Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery of the rebate once all necessary documentation is received and approved.

I had several upgrades within a rebate application. Is it OK if I mail them in the same envelope?

Yes. You may mail all documents for multiple products or services covered under a single rebate in one envelope to the address and offer number listed on your rebate application.

I had several upgrades across multiple rebate applications. Is it OK if I mail them in the same envelope?

No. To ensure your applications are processed properly, you must mail each rebate application separately to the specific address and offer number noted on the application.

I have multiple account numbers (service addresses), can I submit a single rebate for all improvements?

No. You must complete a separate rebate form for each account number and service address.

What is the difference between the installation dates and the postmark dates?

Your installation date must take place during the program promotional period. Applications for rebates must be postmarked or completed online within the timeline listed after your installation.

Why can't I send my rebate application to the same address I sent my Nicor Gas payment?

Your rebate application is reviewed by a dedicated rebate payment center that verifies eligibility of your rebate and processes your application and payment. To ensure you receive your rebate in a timely manner, please send the rebate application with all required documentation to the address that appears on the rebate form.

Where can I find my Tracking ID?

Once we receive your documents, you will receive an email with your Tracking ID that you can reference when checking the status of your claim online.
When applying online, your Tracking ID will be located on the confirmation page. You will also receive an email with your Tracking ID for further reference.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you are applying for or have questions about a rebate, please call 877.886.4239 weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. central time or email

How can I get a rebate application if I do not have access to a printer?

Rebate applications are available for online submission. If you prefer to use a paper application, please call 877.886.4239 to have the forms mailed to you.

If I self-installed my thermostat, what information should I provide under the contractor information section of application?

If you are applying for a smart or programmable thermostat rebate for a product that you self-installed, enter your own name and address in the 'contractor information' section of the application. However, if you had the thermostat installed along with other qualifying equipment (e.g., a high efficiency furnace, boiler or hot water heater), enter your installing contractor's contact information in those fields.